Hi Everyone
Just come up for air after day 2 of the inquiry (feels like week 2 already!).
Just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone for turning out yesterday. My estimate is we have somewhere approaching 300 people turn up! Amazing and just rams home how much our community doesn't want this!
Particular thanks to everyone who spoke yesterday.  You all did a great job of making the points we have been trying to get across over the past few years. You all did a fantastic job. 
I noticed a few people thinking of turning out when the inspector does his site visit next week. Clearly that decision is entirely up to you but on balance we don't think it will necessarily help the cause if we get in the way of what we want the inspector to see so please can you think about this and try to avoid using this as an opportunity to make the point we already made so well on Tuesday.
Thanks everyone - Mike Lord on behalf of the committee

Our barrister Sioned Davies of No5 Chambers is doing an outstanding job. We need to be very grateful. The speeches from locals were very powerful and effective. Our witnesses are doing a great job putting the arguments of the community to the Inspector. The people attending are conducting themselves in a manner to do credit to our case. 
Well done everybody in standing up for our community. - Tim Partridge

I’ve just been told this evening the BBC will be there tomorrow morning.
It’s been an intense day today, our Adrian Carloss introduced himself and spoke first on how it would affect his personal circumstances. He then gave an excellent speech on noise pollution even though he is not deemed to be an expert.
The  NRS expert (Rachel Canham) then put their side forward & was questioned by their Barrister & then ours, who did well I thought.
The above took up the morning & then Adrian Carloss was back discussing air quality, he did exceptionally well again for someone who is not an expert. 
Then David Langton introduced himself and spoke first on how it would affect his personal circumstances & then went on to explain about Silicosis on behalf of the Stop the Quarry group & again maybe because I’m biased he gave a Stirling performance. 
The remaining afternoon was spent on NRS expert witness (Karina Hawking) for air pollution who certainly went into depth on the subject. Even I having some knowledge of measurement of particulates was confused & baffled by the scientific content of her speech. Perhaps that was what she was hoping for!! 
She was also questioned by both barristers at length & during the proceedings the inspector asked a question on who would control and monitor the air quality as he was making sure he understood when it came to imposing conditions, which is to be discussed on Wednesday 8 March. From what I understand the answer will be the County Council but I couldn’t be sure as I was trying to write an email reply to other interested parties at the time! - Dean Talbot