Lea Castle Farm, Kidderminster

Widespread exposure to harmful mineral dust for residents and children

We are a group of concerned residents who oppose the proposed sand & gravel quarry at Lea Castle Farm, Kidderminster – situated alongside the A449 (Wolverhampton Road) and B4189 (Wolverley Road).


Following the submission of the Scoping request to Worcestershire County Council in April 2018, and two public consultations held in Cookley and Wolverley in June 2019, this campaign group was formed in readiness to fight a planning application should one be submitted.

While still in the early stages we now feel the need to get our views across to you all and try and keep you informed as best we can. We suggest you sign up to our newsletter as well as join our Facebook Group to discuss.

The local area is surrounded by beautiful countryside which is our duty to protect and maintain, not only providing us with a sense of wellbeing it is also home to various animals such as badgers, hedgehogs, bats, dormice, grass snakes and adders, polecats, barn owls and deer. As well as protected species including kestrels, house martins, yellow hammers and woodpeckers. A quarry like the one prosed can cause displacement of the local habitats as well as having long term consequences within the surrounding area.

Public Health concerns are a huge factor when it comes to our objections. Added dust in the air which contains particles harmful to our families lungs and can lead to long term health issues, an increase in traffic from the heavy lorries coming in and out of the site six days a week is not just adding to the pollution but poses a serious risk to pedestrians and commuters including school children walking to school.

Watch a clip from BBC Midlands Today about the Lea Castle Farm Quarry below:

Watch a clip from ITV News about the Lea Castle Farm Quarry below:

Watch a clip from Mark Garnier talking to Westminster Hall about Lea Castle Quarry:


  • Destruction of Lea Castle Farms beautiful unspoilt countryside which will essentially become an industrialised area.
  • Widespread exposure to harmful mineral dust for residents and children attending the five schools within less than a mile from the proposed site.
  • A huge increase in traffic with 70 + HGV lorries making 140 + lorry movements daily at the site increasing nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels in an already recognised pollution hotspot area.
  • Lorries turning onto the narrow B4189 Wolverley Road which will increase the potential for accidents on this already dangerous road.
  • 10 years of increased air and noise pollution caused by lorries and machinery at the site.
  • Erosion and damage to local roads and potential for burst water mains.
  • A huge risk of irreversibly polluting the water supply to the villages of Cookley, Wolverley and parts of Kidderminster.
  • Impact on local businesses surrounding the proposed site.
  • Impact on the historical landscape and features, including removal of approximately 100m of boundary wall dating back to 1762
  • Disruption of public footpaths which has joined the villages of Cookley and Wolverley since 1750
  • Removal and damage of protected trees