What a day!!
Morning – Need/Greenbelt/Planning
(WCC) defending – Chris Whitehouse WCC presented their submission.
NRS Barrister Mr Choongh cross examined vigorously for nearly 3 hours. He challenged a lot of points in the WCC submission and there was lots of “debate” on points of law. Mr Whitehouse held his ground and didn’t let them rattle him. It seemed to go on for ever! A lot of the legal stuff over my head. Finally it was agreed to disagree, both sides got their points over, Inspector will make his own decision.
WCC Barrister Sarah Clover then re-examined (questioned their own witness) and swiftly (in 10 minutes) dealt with everything Mr Choongh (NRS barrister) was “concerned about”. (Glad she’s on our side, frightens the life out of me)!
Afternoon – Need/Greenbelt/Amenity/Planning
Rule 6(us) Tim Partridge presented our submission (excellent)
NRS barrister Mr Choongh then started his cross examination. He continued in the same vein as this morning, vigorously challenging.
The schedule is running very late today and I had to leave at 5, so still going on when I left. Tim was holding his own.
Our rule 6 barrister Sioned Davies will be re-examining after Mr Cheung finally finishes so will have a chance to challenge back.
Diffucult to say if either side “won” today, bit like going round in circles, but we held our own and the Inspector has all the information.
Go Rule 6 team! – Kaz Anderson

The morning session started with Mike Lord (Stop the Quarry Group Rule 6) talking about local amenities & how the noise & dust from the quarry will affect them. He put the case very well especially as he stepped into Lawrence McCue’s shoes at the last minute.
The rest of the morning sessions were taken up with Chris Whitehouse (From WCC defending the decision to turn down the planning consent on green belt grounds) who was talking about the Green Belt & the effects during the life of the quarry & the restoration period after the end of the quarry life. He was then cross examined by Mr Choongh (NRS Barrister) to the point of going over the layman’s head, they were going around in circles most of the time. This ran well into the afternoon when the Barrister from (WCC) reexamined Mr Whitehouse to clarify the arguments that Mr Choongh had posed.
Then the remainder of the afternoon was taken up with Tim Partridge (Stop the Quarry Group Rule 6) on the same type of subject as Mr Whitehouse but more in line with local Views. Again Mr Choongh cross examined Tim Partridge, using the same type of questioning as he did with Mr Whitehouse, trying to wear down Tim. However Tim stood up well & did us proud. – Dean Talbot