Hi all
I really didn’t want to be writing this post but unfortunately fighting this planning is going the full distance.
We yesterday (15th June 2023) got served with court papers by NRS applying for a judicial review of the Inspectors decision.
We already have our barrister on the case and we will be filing our initial objection in due course.
So far as we know the process is 2 stage. Firstly NRS have to satisfy the court there are grounds for a judicial review. The court could throw it out at this stage. If the court believes there are grounds then there will be a judicial review.
This is a purely legal set of arguments which we are allowed to join as an interested party but only through legal representation.
We are advised each stage is months not weeks so this will take a while!
We have a committee meeting organised next week and will give another update after that.
In the meantime the call to action is for our County Councillors to make sure that they use the full force of their powers to ensure that they get the right legal representation and make a full case against this court action.
I know you will be all be understandably frustrated by this but as always we get organised and fight our corner as best we can.

  • Mike Lord