Hello Everyone,
Since the Judicial Review decision we have been waiting to hear the next steps of this long process. We have now been notified that there will be a second inquiry to determine the original appeal again. I will add the letter we have received later.
We are in the process of getting organised to add any documentation or address any facts that have changed since the previous inquiry but we don’t need to start from scratch here. Anything that has bee already produced and submitted to the last inquiry is carried forwards to the next one. We have a deadline of 14th March to respond but as of now no date for an inquiry.
We will again be wanting a show of ongoing support and will let you know how you can help with this as we go.
In the meantime we are getting legal advice again from our barrister and I am afraid that we do need to ask for any contributions people feel they can make. We will get the payment methods added to here and the website in due course. Direct payments to the campaign bank account is the most efficient as we don’t pay commission as we do through the fundraiser sites.
Thanks for all the help and support you can give us in advance.
Mike Lord