NRS Aggregates Ltd lost its planning application to extract three million tons of sand and gravel replacing it with 1.6 million tons of “inert landfill” (builders rubble or equivalent) at Lea Castle Farm in May 2022
It appealed the refusal at Public Inquiry in March 2023. Further objections were raised by our group representing 5000 local people, Mark Garnier our MP, Wyre Forest District Council and other Parish and District Councils. The Government inspector at the Public Inquiry dismissed NRS’s appeal.
NRS then went to court to get the Inquiry annulled on a technical legal point.
The company that challenged the inspectors dismissal was NRS Saredon Aggregates Ltd. As a result of their challenge, the entire Public Inquiry will be rerun in the next few months.
I suggest we look more deeply at the various companies associated with NRS. We can do this for free online at Companies House where we find there are around 20 companies associated with NRS. It also shows NRS is controlled by another business!

The 20 NRS companies
The Companies House link to NRS is
Saredon is a place near Cannock and this appears to be a well established quarry that has operated for many years. The NRS Saredon Aggregates Ltd company was previously called NRS Aggregates
In order to find related companies through Companies House, we can click on the “people” tab on the NRS Saredon Aggregates Companies House site. This shows 4 directors. We then click on the directors names to find related companies. The directors with the most directorships have 25 company directorships and 21 company directorships respectively
Click on the directors to get the lists of companies. Many of them are NRS Group related. NRS stands for Natural Resources Services and there’s a holding company called Natural Resource Services Holdings.
In addition within the approx 20 companies we find NRS Kidderminster Aggregates and NRS Kidderminster Holdings. We don’t know why NRS wants all these companies. We do know that multiple companies can be used to make any enforcement of planning conditions difficult.
Each of these companies links back to ultimate control by an outside party that appears to own over 50% of every company. This company is called LAF Holdings based in Oswestry in Wales.

LAF Holdings and NRS
There are no common directorships between NRS and LAF Holdings but it appears LAF Holdings controls every decision made by NRS Group companies. LAF is a very wealthy company who may provide the financial resources for NRS . We can’t tell from Companies House whether LAF is driving these attempts to get planning on sensitive greenbelt land or whether the 4 directors across NRS Group are spending LAF money without LAF being aware of the background. Details of LAF Holdings are at Companies House at In the tabs on their Companies House pages , there is a tab called “filing” On that page we can download LAF Holdings accounts for 2022.
LAF Holdings made approx £47 million on a turnover of £528 million in 2022. Towards the end of the 39 page pdf report, all the companies they either fully own or part own are listed – page 32 onwards. This shows the controlling interest in all of the NRS Group. However, NRS is an investment where they only own just over 50% so any investment they make is diluted. We should be aiming to show LAF that NRS is a bad investment leading to bad publicity across their entire group. How can we do this?
LAF stands for Lloyds Animal Feeds. See

Bill Houle