Hello Everyone

I think that this has already been posted here but we just heard today that the next inquiry will start on 5th November and has been currently pencilled for 6 days. This is the same length of the last one!
This gives us plenty more preparation time and time to add to our expert witnesses to really hammer home our case for what is, hopefully, the final time.

To help us do this in the best possible way will, unfortunately, involve some significant expense. The more we have the more experts we can get and the wider the subject matter we can get them to cover. We also have our barrister to pay too.
The sooner we get funds the better so that we know what we can afford to do. I know you have all been generous in the past and I am really sorry to ask again but we want to make sure we win this after such a long fight and so much effort on behalf of so many of you.
There are two ways you can give. Simply click on the go fund me page below or direct to the bank account details, also below. Anything you donate direct to the bank is 100% ours. Go Fund Me take a commission.

Put the date in your diary now, 5th November as we want an even bigger show of support than last time and if you can make a donation please do.
We can do this…..