So, you may have just heard about these plans for the first time or maybe you have known about them for some time and are asking yourselves what you can do to help fight and stop this quarry?

Online Petition

Over 3,000 people have already signed, you can too. Click here to sign our online petition at Change.org

* Please note DO NOT donate any money via the Change.org platform, because we DO NOT receive these donations.



We are a group of volunteers and we do need funds to fund this campaign donating today will help us win this fight. Printing marketing material, banners and flyers is not free, every bit helps. A small donation now can help make a difference, we are continually working on activities to help with awareness and potential fundraising. For now, if you feel like you are able to make a donation please do so at gofundme.com/f/stop-the-quarry-lea-castle-farm

Voice Your Concerns

By contacting your local MP, councillor, county councillor, planning department, health advisor, or school.

Click here for a list of your local councillors and county councillors.


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Join Us

Specific skill set? Planning, Environment, Health, Highways, or you would simply like to distribute leaflets email us [email protected].

Connect Online

Join the thousands of residents already communicating about this cause on our Facebook Group, STOP LEA CASTLE QUARRY

Talk To People

Whether you discuss with your neighbours, your friends and family or your work colleagues it doesn’t matter. Continuing to keep this issue a hot topic will help in raising awareness to all

Paper Petition

We understand not everyone has access to the internet. Distribute a paper petition and return to the Action Group once complete.

Public Meeting Presentation

                                                          Our power point presentation from the public meeting delivered 03.05.20.

If you missed the public meeting which was attended by over 250+ residents, or you’d just like to refresh your memory, please click below