At the end, the inspector congratulated the community, how the campaign was managed and stated that everyone should be very proud of themselves. Everyone spoke well, informed and passionate. from the virtual speakers, to those in the room. He also complimented the rule 6 speakers on how well it had been presented. Even how many of the community,turned out, filling 2 rooms to capacity. He was extremely complimentary to everyone. – Marilyn MacDonald

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to write a final note on the inquiry on behalf of the STQC Committee (Our Chair Adrian Carloss doesn’t do face book!)
Firstly, a massive thank-you all for the kind comments you have all made throughout the inquiry about the committee and their commitment to this. It has really made a big difference to have had that support throughout the inquiry.
I also just wanted to extend my thanks to the committee team for the fantastic team effort from them this has been. They have all done such a great job whether it has been writing proofs, leaflet drops, website update, the presentations and much more. Most of those that presented don’t do meetings let alone public speaking for their day jobs but everyone did a fantastic job even under cross examination.
It is always difficult to single out one team member but in this case I think we need to recognise Tim Partridge – it hasn’t just been the hours, like everyone else, but his great experience in planning and the inquiry process that has guided us through and allowed us to make as good a job as we did of fighting our case. Without him we would have been so much less effective.
Finally to all of you from the leaflet dropping and banners, the fantastic turnout on day 1, the tactical dog walking (!), the 2050 letters you all wrote. Particularly though to all those that spoke on day 1 and day 5 – you were amazing – the passion, the preparation, the information and the impression you made on the inspector clearly had impact.
We spend our lives consuming negative news and views. This experience just shows the strength of community and what we can all do with a common purpose. Its great to know we have such a strong sense of local pride and can fight for what’s right for the local area when the need is there.
Now all we can do is cross our finger, wait and hope that common sense prevails. – Mike Lord

Thank you so very much for all your hard work fighting the quarry applications, it has been an enormous privilege to spend time with you guys and to be able to assist in the little way that I could.
I am immensely proud of everyone involved, you have all been so amazing, the impact you have had with fighting this disastrous blight on our beautiful landscape has been incredible. To have been able to work alongside you all has been the icing on the cake for me and I am happy that one of the last tasks as your elected District Councillor was to speak on behalf of my residents.
I am extremely upset to leave you all in someone’s hands who I know will not care about my residents as much as myself, but I will always be here to help the community in any way I can.
Here’s to hearing that the quarry has been refused!
Take care of yourselves and I look forward to seeing you soon. – Lisa Jones