Hi Everyone
As promised an update after our committee meeting.
We have appointed a barrister and we are formulating a legal response. We have funds to cover this for now so no donations at this point please. We will ask if and when we need help. Our written response needs to be back by the 28th so that’s the most important next step.
The thing we need help with for now is making sure that the Secretary of State and WCC also defend this case. With regards to the SoS Mark Garnier our MP has already written to Michael Gove to encourage him to get a robust response from his legal team. We now need to make sure that WCC defend this. Previously we have been adverse to mass mailing to councillors, and we are trying other ways, but on this occasion because timescales are so tight if you want to do something please write emails to the list of councillors below! The first group are the Cabinet the second are some more local ones. Hopefully if they see the concern they will make sure something is done. As always be polite please, just encouragement to ensure that they are pushing the civil servants to do their jobs. Of the local ones Marcus Hart has been really helpful in this process….Ian Hardiman not so much. So maybe it’s time for him to make amends and do something for his constituents on this matter.
Remember the whole point of the email is to make sure that WCC enter a defence against the action brought by NRS. Please explain what’s happening and why its important that WCC defend the planning committee and the inspectors decision. They may not know there is a legal challenge so that’s what we are trying to get them to make sure something is done about.
Thanks all.
Mike Lord

Councillor Simon Geraghty [email protected]
Councillor Marcus Hart [email protected]
Councillor Adrian Hardman [email protected]
Councillor Andy Roberts [email protected]
Councillor Adam Kent [email protected]
Councillor Marc Bayliss [email protected]
Councillor Tracey Onslow [email protected]
Councillor Richard Morris [email protected]
Councillor Karen May [email protected]
Councillor Mike Rouse [email protected]
And Local Ones…
Councillor Ian Hardiman [email protected]
Councillor David Ross [email protected]
Councillor Bill Hopkins [email protected]
Councillor Nathan Desmond [email protected]